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Royvon Founders Roy and Yvonne James


Royvon is a family owned and run business with over 50 years in petcare in the UK. Roy James, the Founder of Royvon, owned & bred dogs since he was 10 years old. In 1958, Roy met his future wife and co-founder of Royvon, Yvonne. Yvonne also had an immense love for dogs and they both toured throughout the United Kingdom visiting dog rallies and shows. Royvon Boarding Kennels was established in 1959 in their hometown of Merthyr Tydfil. The business continued to grow and provide excellent service and was expanded to include a purpose built dog training facility where dog owners could meet for various dog-related activities.

Sarah and Darren with the ‘Animal Boarding Establishment of the Year’ Award


Royvon now operates at 3 centres in the UK, on the original site at Merthyr Tydfil, at Esher in Surrey and more recently at Coventry in the Midlands. Our boarding facility in Merthyr was named’ Animal Boarding Establishment of the Year’ in The Pet Industry Awards 2012. Of course it’s great to win awards but when you see in a customer’s eyes the look they get when they really understand that we care about their dogs just the way they do – when they really know that it’s true – well that’s a feeling that’s hard to describe. It’s the combination of immense trust and honourable service that makes us so proud of what we do. It drives us to constantly be looking for ways to be even better. And that’s why we do it – because we care.

Our Team


Our Coventry team is led by Jim Adamson a passionate dog owner and experienced Royvon manager. Jim says, “I thoroughly enjoy interacting with the public and helping them with the problems they may be facing with their dogs. I have a natural love for dogs and being able to help other people get the best from their pet dogs is a big high for me. I really enjoy working at Royvon, and in particular working with a wonderful team, led by Mary, who all share my values and love of animals.” Jim has 10 dogs of his own including German Shepherds, Afghan Hounds and a Labrador. He breeds and shows German Shepherds and is a breed specialist judge.